Yes! It was time for the eleventh most exciting moment of the week.

I really, really look forward to the teams weekly meetings. I love them.

There’s just so many reasons why:

  • We never, ever start on time
  • Simon normally falls asleep
  • Everyone looks down at a printed report in order to avoid eye contact with each other
  • John is always late because he’s like so important
  • We all take a turn to read a couple of bullet points on the printed sheet related to what we individually were working on
  • Jane goes on more than she needs to
  • No-one really wants to be there
  • Tom constantly checks his phone before and after his turn (and sometimes during)
  • No-one asks anyone else questions
  • There is always a fight to avoid sitting next to Stinky Pete
  • Everyone tries to out-acronym each other
  • It’s always the same
  • It’s not clear what information is new, important or needs action
  • The boss lady talks over people at regular intervals
  • No-one understands Deepti
  • People say what they think other people want to hear, rather than the truth
  • Occasionally there is a mystery guest in the room who is not introduced, doesn’t speak and is then never seen again
  • I come out of it none the wiser from when it began

Ahhh… – I already can’t wait till the next one.


I mean imagine how dysfunctional it would be if:

  • The meetings were not run at a set time but happened as often or as in-frequently as needed
  • It started on time
  • We focused on sharing new or critically important information
  • Information was circulated before the meeting so we could read it and prep questions in advance
  • No-one took their phones into the meeting room
  • We constantly tweaked the format in order to make it the most effective
  • Everyone was present and engaged
  • Any actions were clearly articulated and owners agreed
  • Everyone was working together towards a common goal
  • You left the meeting better informed than before it started
  • People looked at each other, and maybe even smiled
  • There was mutual respect shown for the person talking and people waiting till they’d finished speaking before chipping in
  • Everyone got straight to the point. No bullsh*t

Just imagine…


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