I had an interesting learning experience this week, where I (with lots of trepidation) said ‘no’ to two different requests at work and some interesting things happened afterwards… Interesting thing number 1: A senior manager asked me to provide a summary of information regarding what we have done, and planContinue Reading

Let me tell you a secret. The world will still keep turning when we’re gone. The King is dead, long live the King! This week I received an email from a colleague that was sent at 9:45pm on a Sunday. It wasn’t even anything important, just a general question. A few yearsContinue Reading

Some people say that knowledge is power. Some people believe that if they know something you don’t then they have the upper hand. I burp in the face of these people because I believe true power comes not from knowing information but from sharing information. At a recent contract, across the departmentContinue Reading

I was recently asked to prepare a presentation to give to some super senior executives. Naturally this made me a bit sweaty, but also a little excited about the opportunity to be able to talk face to face with some of the mystery men and women driving our business. SoContinue Reading

After celebrating my 25th birthday the other week I’m in a reflective mood. This is what I’ve been thinking about. In large corporations there is a lot of false bravado, mock arrogance and plenty of real arrogance thrown in too. People try to convince each other how busy and importantContinue Reading

Greeting Level 1 Given that it is Monday morning and I am at work sitting at my desk When someone else arrives And they say good morning And I just grunt and don’t look up Then I am a miserable git   Greeting Level 2 Given that it is TuesdayContinue Reading