My exploration of this started when a client invited me to join and observe a leadership team meeting with the statement “I’m not convinced these meetings are very effective…” It reminded me of something in ‘From Contempt to Curiosity’ by Caitlin Walker. This sparked my creativity to try to captureContinue Reading

I struggled for a long time with standard, boring vanilla interview format for a couple of reasons. They’re often boring yawn-fests I rarely felt like I’d truly got to know the person behind their corporate mask Success rate was average at best After trying a few new things over theContinue Reading

I have a bush in my garden that I planted over 3 years ago. I bought it because I’ve seen them in other people’s gardens in glorious full bloom and they have strikingly beautiful flowers (which also happen to be my favourite colour). However, whilst it remained alive, it stayed exactlyContinue Reading