Logic dictates that by pointing out and raising awareness of the stupid, annoying, dysfunctional, crappy things that we do then less people will do them, and by pointing out the funny, positive, creative, good stuff then more of us will do that.

This website was original my blog, and through my writing I aim to highlight and poke fun out of the dysfunctional ways in which we communicate and behave at work. Remind you of best practices, give you ideas to experiment with and challenge you to take action to improve. To inspire you to be a better version of yourself. To make you chuckle. To give you the occasional kick up the arse. The posts often include fart jokes too.

I’m passionate about using over 19 years of experience working in global financial companies such as UBS, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Canada, Schroders and Deutsche Bank to make work a better place for everyone. About finding ways to improve and enjoy the day to day goings on in an office environment, and helping others to survive and succeed in the corporate world.

Having originally trained as a primary school teacher, upon leaving university I realised this was not my vocation in life. So, after a few years working in the fitness industry I purely by chance moved into the corporate world.

I currently find myself in the role of coach, facilitator and co-founder of a small start up business – Humble Associates. My mission is to help other humans understand and navigate business agility and leadership in the complex world of knowledge work.

I work with everyone from Scrum team members to Managing Directors, so regardless of where you are in your career feel free to reach out to me for 1-1 coaching. I also do lots of works with teams of all shapes and sizes too.

When not working, exercising, learning or blogging I enjoy spending time with my wife, 3 kids and 2 smelly dogs.

Get in touch with me via email – noel@humble.associates

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