Feedback is broken. Chris, Ada and I on a mission to discover the keys that unlock feedback rich cultures, for you and your organisations. #masteringfeedback We’ve observed that the general understanding of feedback varies wildly from person to person. To explore this we challenged the LinkedIn community to define ‘feedback’Continue Reading

December is a time for reflection. For slowing down and letting the year gone by sink in. Being someone with a preference to model the world in an ordinal way, a list is inevitable! This is a personal post, that is written for my benefit rather than anyone else readingContinue Reading

One of the most prevalent challenges that’s come up this year from my 1-1 coaching clients relates to time management, and the stress and overwhelm associated with a lack of attention to it. Through asking lots of questions to help them navigate through this, some common themes bubbled up. IContinue Reading

Taking part in feedback conversations can be awkward, disjointed, lack clarity on the real message, and all too often fail completely. That’s just from the perspective of the receiver! When you’re the one giving feedback…oh crikey, multiply that awkwardness by 100! We believe that a feedback-rich culture underpins the most successfulContinue Reading